Spanish Forms, Form Letters and Guide Letters

* Indicate that Form or Guide Letter is shared with another agency (i.e., FSA or RUS)

Form Letters

Form Letter 1902-6 Letter to Financial Institution

Form Letter 1902-A-2 Designated Financial Institution Collateral Pledge

Form Letter 1951-5 Refund Request of Offset

Form Letter 1951-6 Certification of Indebtedness of Debtors to Non-USDA Agencies

Form Letter 1951-7 Notification of Salary Offset from Non-USDA Credit Agency

Form Letter 1951-8 Employee's Notice to the Agency Requesting a Different Repayment Schedule

Form Letter 1951-C-8 Employee's Notice to the Agency Requesting a Different Repayment Schedule

Form Letter 1951-C-9 Borrowers Notification of IRS Offset Review

Form Letter 1992-2 Notice of Acquisition or Abandonment

Form Letter 1992-E-1 Report of Total Cash Payments in Excess of $10,000

Form Letter 2006-1 Housing Committee Transmittal

Form Letter 3570-B-1 Request for Community Facilities Grant Funds from the National Office

Guide Letters

Guide Letter 1900-B-01 Notification of Further Appeal Rights

Guide Letter 1900-D-01 Notice of Relationship or Association with a Recipient of FmHA Assistance

Guide Letter 1900-D-02* Request to Review FmHA Assistance to an Employee; Relative or Associate

Guide Letter 1900-D-03* Requirements for FmHA Assistance to an Employee; Relative or Associate

Guide Letter 1900-D-04* Certification for FmHA Assistance to an Employee; Relative or Associate

Guide Letter 1924-01 Notification to Eligible Borrowers of Benefits Under FmHA Instruction 1924-F

Guide Letter 1924-B-01 County Supervisor Notification to Applicants and Borrowers About Limited Resource Loans

Guide Letter 1927-B-01* Request for Title Opinion and Legal Services

Guide Letter 1951-01* Notification to Borrower of Eligibility of Loan Graduation Review

Guide Letter 1951-02* Final Notice to Borrower to Provide Current Financial Information

Guide Letter 1951-05* To Notify a Borrower to Refinance the FmHA Indebtedness

Guide Letter 1951-06* Notification of Consequences Should Borrower Fail to Respond or Refinance the FmHA Indebtedness

Guide Letter 1951-07* To Notify a Borrower That FmHA Will Continue With Loan(s)

Guide Letter 1951-C-04* Notice of Intent To Employee About Salary Offset

Guide Letter 1951-F-04 Rural Housing Borrower Prospectus

Guide Letter 1951-G-09 Notice For Borrowers Who Have Defaulted on Their Payment or Workout Agreement

Guide Letter 1951-G-10 Letter Used to Notify Borrowers Who Have Abandoned the Property About Their Delinquent Account

Guide Letter 1951-J-01 Notice of Acceleration of Your Debt to the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) and Demand for Payment of that Debt

Guide Letter 1951-J-02 Notice of Acceleration to Nonprogram Borrowers discharged in Bankruptcy Who have not Reaffirmed the Debt.

Guide Letter 1951-J-03 Notice for Nonprogram (NP) Applicants and Borrowers of Adverse Decisions of their Review Rights.

Guide Letter 1955-A-01Guide Letters 1955-A-01 Notice of Acceleration to MFH Borrowers Liable for the Debt (Excludes Borrowers Who Were Discharged in Bankruptcy)

Guide Letter 1955-A-02 Notice of Acceleration to MFH Borrowers Discharged in Bankruptcy Who Have Not Reaffirmed the Debt

Guide Letter 2000-GGG-01 Guide Forwarding Allegations Which Contain Fair Housing Issues to HUD

Guide Letter 2000-GGG-02 Notification of Referral to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Guide Letter 2000-GGG-03 Acknowledgment of Receipt of Fair Housing Complaint referred to USDA by HUD

Guide Letter 2006-K-01 Request for New or Modification to the Ad Hoc Reporting System

Guide Letter 2045-GG-01 Redelegation of Disciplinary Authority

Guide Letter 2045-GG-02 Proposed Suspension - 14 Days or Less

Guide Letter 2045-GG-03 Decision to Suspend for 14 Days or Less

Guide Letter 2045-GG-04 Separating An Employee During Probation

Guide Letter 2045-GG-05 Letter of Caution and Reprimand

Guide Letter 2045-GG-06 Proposing An Indefinite Suspension

Guide Letter 2045-GG-07 Proposing to Remove; Reduce In Grade or Pay Suspension Over 14 Days

Guide Letter 2045-GG-08 Proposed Removal For Unacceptable Performance

Forms in Spanish

Formulario 400-01S Convenio Sobre Igualdad de Oportunidades

Formulario 400-03SAviso a Contratistas y Solicitantes

Formulario 400-04S Convenio de Garant

Formulario 400-06S Declaraci de Cumplimiento

Formulario 402-01S Convenio de Depito

Formulario 410-04S Solicitud para la Asistencia Rural (Parcelas no Agricolas) Solicitud Uniforme para Prtamo Hipotecario Residencial

Formulario 410-08S Carta de Referencia Para el Solicitante

Formulario 440-58S Estimado de los Costos de la Finalizaci de Cierre

Formulario 1910-05S Solicitud de Verificaci de Empleo

Formulario 1924-01S Plan de Desarrollo

Formulario 1924-02S Descripci de Materiales

Formulario 1924-04S Documentati Reclaimaci Sobre Construcci/Solicitud de Compensaci por Defectos en la Construccion

Formulario 1924-07S Solicitud de cambio de contrato

Formulario 1924-09S

Formulario 1924-16S Registro de Conferencia Previa a la Construcci

Formulario 1924-18S Cculo de Pagos Parciales

Formulario 1924-19S Garant del Constructor

Formulario 1924-21S Notificaci de Vencimiento del Primer a de la Garant

Formulario 1924-25S Certificaci de Planos

Formulario 1940-16S Pagar

Formulario 1940-41S Declaraci Sobre Veracidad en Critos

Formulario 1940-43S Aviso del Derecho a Cancelar

Formulario 1944-03S Estado de Presupuesto o Financiero

Formulario 1944-59S Certificado de Elegibilidad

Formulario 1944-60S Verificaci por el Arrendador

Formulario 1944-62S Solicitud de Verificaci de Depito

Formulario 1980-21S Notificaci de Vencimiento del Primer a de la Garant

Formulario 3550-01S Autorizaci para Divulgar Informaci

Formulario 3550-02S Solicitud de Verificaci de Regalo/Carta de Regalo

Formulario 3550-04S Certificaci de Empleo/Asistencia de Pago

Formulario 3550-06S Aviso de Peligro Especial de Inundaci, Requisitos para la Compra de Seguro Contra Inundaci y Disponibilidad de Asistencia Federal en Caso de Desastres Naturales

Formulario 3550-07S Compromiso de Prtamo Hipotecario

Formulario 3550-09S Declaraci de Cuenta de Fondos en Garant

Formulario 3550-10S Anexo Sobre Propiedad Horizontal

Formulario 3550-11S Anexo Sobre Desarrollo Planificado de Unidades

Formulario 3550-12S Convenio de Reintegro de Subsidio

Formulario 3550-21S Payment Subsidy Renewal Certification

Formulario 3550-22S AcueRDo de Asunci de Vivienda Unifamiliar

Formulario 3350-23S Gu de Orientacion Para el Solicitante

Formulario 3550-24S Acuerdo de Donativo

Aviso al Solicitante Sobre Informaci Suministrada en Virtud de la ley de Privacidad (Privacy Act)

3550-HB Letter 1S Moderate Income Options

3550-HB Letter 2S Pre-eligible

3550-HB Letter 3S Waiting Period

3550-HB Letter 10S Status of Offer to Buy Single Family Housing REO Property

3550-HB Letter 11S Selected for Processing/Request Information

3550-HB Letter 12S Notification of Approval (504) Grant

3550-HB Letter 15S StandaRDized Adverse Decision Letter

3550-HB Letter 16S Eligibility of Self-Help Applicants

3550-HB Letter 17S Adverse Decision Involving an Appraisal

3550-HB Letter 19S Preliminary Application