Curt Coccodrilli

Curt Coccodrilli

State Director of Pennsylvania


Curt Coccodrilli has been appointed by President Trump as State Director for USDA Rural Development in Pennsylvania. Coccodrilli began his new role in October 2017. Curt grew up on a family farm in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania which sparked his passion for improving rural America.

Coccodrilli has been integrally involved in numerous efforts to address the needs of rural Pennsylvania. His tireless efforts to advocate for economic development have been instrumental in creating partnerships with other federal agencies and Pennsylvania stakeholders, to promote essential programs such as broadband connectivity. Coccodrilli played an integral role in USDA’s first national forum for the Broadband ReConnect program. He has also spearheaded promotion of the USDA Rural Energy Savings Program (RESP).  Coccodrilli chairs the Northeast Regional State Directors taskforce for Rural Development and is appointed a Board Member of the PA Governor’s Advisory Council on Rural Affairs to forge relationships and ensure that State and federal regulations recognize the need for economic development. As a member of the USDA Opioid Task Force, Curt hosted the first national opioid roundtable in Pennsylvania. Coccodrilli also chaired the national taskforce on energy and through his leadership, partnerships have evolved and created more effective collaboration across selected federal agencies.  Additionally, he has undertaken, organized, and supported a wide variety of outdoor recreation initiatives related to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor sports.

As State Director, Coccodrilli will use his leadership experience to oversee Rural Development programs in a customer-focused manner to restore prosperity in rural Pennsylvania.