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Letitia Nichols

Letitia Nichols

Acting State Director for Delaware and Maryland

Letitia Nichols is Deputy State Director and currently serving as Acting State Director. Letitia will serve as Acting State Director in an interim capacity until a permanent State Director is named.

Letitia is a dedicated career employee with a passion for public service and making a positive impact. She is a former USDA 1890 National Scholar with more than 25 years of experience with USDA Rural Development. Letitia graduated with honors from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, with an undergraduate degree in Agribusiness. Additionally, she earned an MBA in Business Administration from Florida Tech.

Prior to her selection as the Deputy State Director, Letitia served as the Business and Cooperative Program Director for Delaware-Maryland for 11 years. She looks forward to maintaining close working relationships with colleagues, partners, and stakeholders to support rural economic development throughout Delaware and Maryland.