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David Baker

David Baker

State Director for Delaware and Maryland

Mr. Baker has experience working with USDA Rural Development programs.  He previously worked for the Sussex County Delaware government for over 33 years primarily as Finance Director and County Administrator.  His USDA grantee experience includes financing numerous new wastewater and community facility projects.  One of those projects, the West Rehoboth Sewer project was the second largest project funded ever by the USDA at that time.  Sussex County DE is a growing community which has been the largest poultry producing County in the US.  He also has economic development experience in helping businesses prosper in a rural area.   Since then, he has served on various non-profit organization Boards and assisted them with some Rural Development funds for their projects in Sussex County.  He also has worked recently as a Financial Advisor.

Mr. Baker’s goal is to ensure that Maryland and Delaware rural communities are aware of and are able to take full advantage of the many Rural Development programs that are available.  This will improve economic opportunities as well as enhance the environment and living conditions which will help these communities prosper.

He is a lifelong Delaware resident.  He graduated from the University of Delaware with Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting and Sociology and an MBA from Wilmington College.  He looks forward to working with great USDA staff to help our rural communities.