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Nivory Gordon, Jr.

Nivory Gordon, Jr.

State Director for Alabama

Mr. Gordon has over 34 years of service with the USDA Rural Development. He started his career as a Co-op Student in 1987 while attending Alabama A & M University in Huntsville, Alabama. Gordon obtained a B.S. in Agricultural Education in 1989 and M.S. in Agricultural Management 1992. During his tenure with the Agency, he has illustrated respect for others, productive work environment and leadership with integrity.

Gordon held the following positions over the years with USDA: Assistant County Supervisor 1989-1991; Construction Analyst 1991-1995; Rural Development Specialist 1995-2002; Area Specialist 2002-2013; Area Director 2013-2021. Gordon has positively impacted the lives of many Rural Alabamians over the years. Based on his extensive experience, leadership and aggressive work ethics, his goal will be to operationalize the Agency's mission.

Gordon is a native of Wilcox County, Alabama where he resides with spouse Rachel. Nivory III and Bryant Arthur are his adult sons. He currently operates the family farm (beef cattle and quarter horses) in Furman, Alabama. Gordon serves on the Deacon Board of First-Born Church of Ackerville; Wilcox County Cattleman Association Board of Director, Delta Leadership Institute 2015-2016 Graduate; National Cutting Horse Association Membership; Selma Dallas County Alabama A & M Alumni Chapter President and various other community organizations.