The USDA Rural Development Business Center is a centralized business hub focused on customer service and business administration. The primary responsibilities of the Business Center include supporting Rural Development’s mission-critical operations, streamlining key business functions and reducing costs through team-based and cross-functional approaches. As a centralized business hub, the Business Center is comprised of seven core offices:

Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Address: USDA Rural Development
Chief Operations Office
United States Department of Agriculture
1400 Jefferson Dr., S.W. Rm 240-E
Washington D.C. 20024

Operations Office
Angilla Denton, Chief Operations Officer

Financial Office
Tony Bainbridge, Chief Financial Officer
Scott Williams, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Chris Mechtly, National Finance & Accounting Operations Office Director
Peggy Javery, Compliance Operations Director

Technology Office
Mia Jordan, Assistant Chief Information Officer
Michael Gardner, Deputy Chief Information Officer

Human Resources Office
Eric Dilworth, Human Resources Director
Helene Saylor, Assistant Human Resources Director/Employee Services Division
Robin Talmadge, Acting Assistant Human Resources Director/Human Capital Management Division
David Root, Assistant Human Resources Director/ Employee and Labor Relations

Enterprise Office
Moraima Rivera, Chief Enterprise Officer
Angela Prioleau, Enterprise Office Chief of Staff
Julie Henderson, Enterprise Services Division Director
Ruth Lodder, Security and Emergency Management Division Director
Sharon Randolph, Management Services Division I Director
Pam Younger, Management Services Division II Director

Procurement Management Office
Lori Lloyd, Procurement Office Director
Scott Beckstrand, Strategic Acquisitions Division Manager
Brian Johnson, Contracting Operations Division Manager
Heather Mackenzie, Regional Acquisition Division Manager

Civil Rights Office
Dr. Sharese C. Paylor, Civil Rights Director