Low Income Direct Home Loan Applicants and general Housing Programs Questions, contact your area office: https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/ga_sfhServiceCenterbyCountylist.pdf

Guaranteed Lenders & File Submissions: All files submitted through GUS will be considered RECEIVED by the Agency based on the date and time of the lender’s “Final submission”.   No emails confirming receipt will be sent. Non-GUS loans (manually underwritten files) will still be submitted by lenders to our common email box at ra.gagrh@ga.usda.gov . These will continue to receive an automated response that the email containing the file has been received.

File Correctness & Completeness: The lender is responsible for making sure the file is underwritten correctly and all required documents have been uploaded into GUS

  • If the loan file cannot be considered for review because it is incomplete and missing documents required by HB-1-3555- Attachment 15-A, the loan will be released back for correction and must be resubmitted in GUS. When the application is determined to be complete, it will be placed in line for review as a new submission.
  • If the file is not able to be approved upon the first review (due to errors or conditions), the lender will receive an email and be given the opportunity to correct the errors within 2 days.  If the file is not corrected within 2 days, the file will be denied with appeal rights.

Once the Conditional Commitment is ready to be issued, the lender’s representatives (listed on the GUS Credit/Underwriting page) will receive an email with a link to obtain the CC.  For Non-GUS loans, lender will receive an encrypted email with the CC attached.