Turn times begin from when a COMPLETE application is received in GUS. Only complete applications are processed in the date/time order received.

Please check the turn times for Delaware and Maryland at:  https://www.rd.usda.gov/md.

Lenders must ensure that applications are submitted in accordance with the instructions specified in HB-1-3555's Attachment 15-A. If the application is missing information that is required by Attachment 15-A, the application request will be determined incomplete and we will return the application to the lender. Incomplete/inaccurate loan applications will not be placed in the line for review until all requested items are received.

Underwriters: We encourage you to explore our regulations for answers to any questions you may have. If you are unable to find an answer or need assistance interpreting a regulation, please contact us at housing@de.usda.gov.

Borrowers or Real Estate Agents: If you have a question regarding processing of your application, please contact your lending institution directly. Your lending institution will be able to provide the date on which they submitted your COMPLETE APPLICATION into our GUS processing system. Please allow for a 5 business day processing time from the date your complete application was submitted to GUS.

Have you heard about our NEW Streamlined-Assist Refinance Program?

Our Streamlined-Assist Refinance Program enables borrowers, who are current on their mortgage, to refinance without an appraisal, a credit report, or the need to calculate debt-to-income ratios. This program is a great opportunity for borrowers to reduce their interest rates and increase their cash flow. Streamlined-Assist Refinance loans must be manually underwritten and may not be submitted through GUS. Please submit all streamlined-assist refinance questions and applications to housing@de.usda.gov

Streamlined-Assist Refinance Highlights

  • No new appraisal/inspections required

  • No credit report required

  • No debt-to-income calculations required

  • Previous 12 months of mortgage payments paid as agreed

  • New loan term must be 30 years (no more/no less)

  • Maximum loan amount = principal loan balance + one-time upfront GRH fee + eligible closing costs

  • $50 or greater reduction in new PITI (including annual fee) as compared to current PITI payment

  • Submitted directly to housing@de.usda.gov


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Phone: 800-457-3642, option 1 (USDA e-Authentication Issues)

Rural Development Help Desk
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