Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program files are no longer be reviewed by Delaware & Maryland staff. A newly established National Office team, comprised of top specialists from around the country, now reviews program files, issues Conditional Commitments, and processes Loan Note Guarantees for Delaware and Maryland. This change is expected to help increase consistency in the application of the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program's rules and regulations. 

With this adjustment, all questions and scenarios about Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loans should be sent to the new processing team's email address:

The process of reviewing files and the rules for doing so will not be altered in any way. This change should have no effect on how you do business. The new review team is expected to maintain 48hr turn times on complete files. Processing times may even improve over the course of the year.

The Guaranteed Loan Program regulation (7 CFR 3555) and technical handbook (HB-1-3555) are available online to assist you with questions:

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