Upcoming Hometown Housing Opportunities, Town Hall Meetings:
June 7-Louisville-5:30 pm--Louisville Community Center-423 Elm Street

June 13-David City-Noon-David City Library-399 N. 5th Street-Enter through the South entrance
June 13-Schuyler-5:30 pm-Homestead Center-1119 B St.

Contact Krista Mettscher at 402-437-5518 if interested in hosting a meeting.

  • The meetings will focus on opportunities available for families and individuals to achieve the dream of homeownership. 
  • USDA Rural Development has approximately $120 million available in Nebraska to assist with meeting the housing needs in rural communities.   
  • Financing is available with NO DOWN PAYMENT, with interest rates at three percent and below, and households may qualify for rates as low as one percent.  These affordable rates with no or a low down payment makes home ownership affordable and may be less than rent.  
  • Low interest rate loans at one percent are also available for home repairs for existing home-owners for very low income household. 
  • Grants are available for elderly households 62 years of age or older for home repairs that are unable to repay a loan.

Who Should Attend:  Families who want to be homeowners in a rural community or existing homeowners that need  assistance with home repairs · Lenders · Realtor  · Community Officials · Major Employers · State and Federal Partners  · Home Builders · Other Housing Partners

Learn About:  Rural Development Housing Programs
· 100% Home Financing and Subsidized DIRECT Homeownership Loan Program for Very Low and Low Income Applicants
· 100% Home Financing GUARANTEED Homeownership Loan Program for up to Moderate Income Applicants
·  Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance
· 100% Owner-Occupied Home Repair Loans and Grants for Very Low Income Applicants