New Hampshire Contacts

Concord Office Staff
10 Ferry Street, Suite 218
Concord Center
Concord, NH 03301

Anthony Linardos, VT/NH State Director, (603)223-6040Image removed.
Ben Doyle, Associate State Director VT/NH, (802) 828-6042

Bev Mason, NH Area Director,  (603) 223-6055
Colleen Ladew, Guaranteed Rural Housing Specialist, (603) 223-6039
Carolyn Chute-Festervan, Rural Housing Specialist, (603)223-6066
Daphne Feeney, Rural Housing Specialist,, (603) 2236040Image removed.
Mike Santomassimo, Rural Housing Specialist, (603) 223-6059Image removed.
Kathie LaPorte, Rural Housing Technician, (603) 223-6064Image removed.
Deirdre Davis, Community Programs Technician, (603) 223-6051Image removed.
Roseanna Woodin, Rural Housing Technician, (603) 223-6035Image removed.
Mark Koprowski, Community Programs Specialist, (603) 223-6057Image removed.


Conway Office Staff
U.S. Department of Agriculture
PO Box 1020
73 Main Street, Conway, NH. 03818

Bev Mason, NH Area Director, (603) 447-3318Image removed. x3010Image removed.
Heather Malone, Community Programs Specialist, (603) 447-3318Image removed. x3011Image removed.
Tracy Rexford, Rural Housing Specialist, (603) 447-3318Image removed. x3012Image removed.
Theresa Zowasky, Rural Development Technician, (603) 447-3318Image removed. x3009Image removed.
Lancaster Office Staff
4 Mayberry Lane
Lancaster, NH 03584
603-788-4651Image removed. 

Janice Daniels, Rural Housing Specialist, (603) 788-4651Image removed. X 104
Ashley Mattos, Pathways Intern, (603) 788-4651Image removed. X 103
Vermont and New Hampshire State Office
Anthony Linardos, VT/NH State Director, (603)223-6040Image removed. Image removed.
Ben Doyle, Associate Director, (802) 828-6042Image removed.
Administrative Programs Staff
Karen (802) 828-6045Image removed.
Marie Ferris, Management and Program Analyst, (802) 828-6041Image removed.

Business Programs Staff Image removed.
Cheryl Ducharme, Business & Cooperative Programs Director, (802) 828-6083Image removed.
Susi Poland, Business Programs Specialist, (802) 828-6002Image removed.Image removed.
Ken Yearman, Business Programs Specialist, (802) 828-6070Image removed.
Heather Bell Gronlund, Business Programs Specialist, (603) 223-6041Image removed.
Elijah Massey, Business Programs Specialist,  (802) 828-6081Image removed.
Cindi Gelinas, Business Programs Technician, (603) 223-6037Image removed.

Community Programs Staff (802) 828-6011Image removed.
Eric Law, Community Programs Director, (802) 828-6033
Misty Sinsigalli, Lead Community Programs Specialist, (802) 424-3156

Karen Jameson, Community Programs Specialist, (603) 223-6045Image removed.
Jon Harries, State Engineer, (802) 828-6035Image removed.
Tracy Montminy, State Architect, (802) 828-6057Image removed.
Naomi Hatch, Community Programs Technician, (802) 828-6011Image removed.

Housing Programs Staff (802) 828-6068Image removed.
Heidi Setien, Housing Specialist, (802) 828-6021Image removed.
Jill Chapman, Housing Specialist, (802)828-6022Image removed.
Sharon Lafley, Housing Technician, (802) 828-6068Image removed.
Deb Nanfeldt, Multi-Family Specialist, (802) 828-6024Image removed.
Kevin Perry, Multi-Family Housing Specialist,, (603) 223-6053Image removed.
Tyler Sweeten, Multi-Family Housing Technician, (802) 828-6028Image removed.