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Track One: Recovery Grants

Track One Applications

Track One applications are no longer being accepted. Submitted applications are under review.

Track One: Recovery funds must be used in correlation with the COVID-19 pandemic, and to support immediate health care needs, to help prepare for a future pandemic event, to increase access to quality health care services, or to support food assistance through food banks and food distribution facilities.

Grants range from $25,000 - $1 million. Grant funds are limited to an applicable percentage of eligible project costs (up to 75 percent) based on population and the median household income of the population served.

USDA anticipates providing about $350 million in Track One: Recovery funding.

Applicants may request assistance for one or more of the categories below for expenses incurred on or after March 13, 2020. Funds must be used to:

  • Increase capacity for vaccine distribution
  • Provide medical supplies and equipment to increase medical surge capacity
  • Reimburse for health care-related lost revenue used to maintain capacity during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Increase telehealth capabilities, including underlying healthcare information systems
  • Construct temporary or permanent structures to provide health care services
  • Support staffing needs for testing or vaccine administration
  • Support facilities, equipment, and operating expenses associated with food banks and food distribution facilities.

To Apply:

Contact your local Rural Development office (a list is available at this link: https://www.rd.usda.gov/about-rd/state-offices) to discuss and submit your application.

Each Rural Development state office will conduct a review, rating, and selection from complete applications received by 4 p.m. local time on October 12, 2021. USDA will continue to accept Track One: Recovery Grant applications on a continual basis after October 12, 2021 until all funds are exhausted.