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$418,000 in Emergency Rural Health Care Grant Funding Available to Montana Communities

Sue Kerver
Release Date
Apr 12, 2022

BOZEMAN, Mont., April 12, 2022 – United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA RD) Montana State Director Kathleen Williams today announced that the Department is continuing to accept Emergency Rural Health Care program applications to help rural communities expand their capacity to provide immediate relief to address the economic conditions arising from the COVID-19 emergency.

The funding is being made available under the Emergency Rural Health Care's Track One: Recovery Grants program.  The grants allow public bodies, community-based nonprofits, and federally-recognized Tribes to provide immediate relief to address the economic conditions arising from the COVID-19 emergency and to support immediate health care needs.  These funds may also be used to help prepare for a future pandemic event or to increase access to quality health care services and improve community health outcomes in Montana.

“USDA Rural Development Montana still has $418,000 available in Emergency Rural Health Care grant funding,” Williams noted.  “These monies will help Montana's rural hospitals and local communities find solutions to address immediate health care needs.” 

Facilities and projects supported through this grant must be located in Montana's rural areas with populations of 20,000 or fewer.

"In Montana's rural communities, where medical infrastructure and staffing may be sparse, these investments play a critical role in creating the access and resources that our rural communities deserve,” added Williams.

Applications must be submitted to the USDA Rural Development Montana State Office in Bozeman and will be accepted until all funds are expended.

Information, including eligibility requirements, may be found on page 44332 of the Aug. 12, 2021 Federal Register.

For additional questions, please contact Meggin Delaurier at (406) 585-2520 or meggin.delaurier@usda.gov

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