City of Hickman Held Open House for New Community Center, Reading Centre and City Hall

Vicki Schurman
Release Date
May 08, 2017

The new $4.072 million Community Center, Reading Centre and City Hall in Hickman, Nebraska held its Open House on Saturday May 6th.  USDA Rural Development Nebraska staff celebrated with the community by providing a plaque to the Hickman Building Foundation representing USDA’s $3.6 million investment in the facility.

Other funding partners included $375,000 from the State of Nebraska Civic and Community Center Financing Fund, $50,000 from the Hickman Area Community Foundation Fund and $24,000 from the City of Hickman. 

“It is with great pride to see the new Community Center, Reading Centre and City Hall that USDA Rural Development was a funding partner of.  Facilities such as these are important to rural communities as they build the infrastructure needed to keep cities such as Hickman sustainable for the future,” said Community Programs Specialist Janice Stopak, USDA Rural Development.

“The new Community Center and City Hall will provide valuable opportunities to the citizens of Hickman and the surrounding area for activities such as a Reading Centre, indoor youth sports, adult sport leagues, family reunions, wedding receptions and meeting spaces for a variety of organizations.  The City is grateful for the support it has received for this project and we look forward to utilizing the space to continue to serve our growing community long into the future,” said President Kelly Oelke, Hickman Building Foundation.

USDA Rural Development funding is being provided through the Community Facility Direct Loan Program.  For more information visit or contact Community Programs Specialist Janice Stopak at 402-437-5743 or