ER Doctor to The Bread Doctor

Marla Marx
Release Date
Apr 02, 2021

Panhandle Area Development District was awarded an RBEG (now named Rural Business Grant) in the fall of
2011 to provide entrepreneurial education to the 12 counties in the Panhandle of Nebraska and Goshen
County in Wyoming.

One class participant was a Torrington, Wyoming resident and family-practice doctor Ezdan Fluckiger. He
knew he wanted to start a bakery, but was still exploring.  Fast forward 2013, Ezdan took a sabbatical from the
hospital and attended a 20-day intensive course at the International School of Baking in Oregon. In April 2014,
Ezdan found a vacant building and changed his schedule to working part-time in the ER, with no call. In
July of 2014, Ezdan and his family opened the bakery.  But it's more than a love of baking, Ezdan's dream was
to have a vocation for his daughter, Eleanor, who was born with Downs Syndrome. She runs the cash
register, visits with customers and gets boxes ready to fill with treats.

In 2018, The Bread Doctor was recognized as the Sweetest Bakery in Wyoming in the Second Annual Sweetest Bakery in America Contest.