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Loan and Grant Funding Available for Home Repair Projects

Kathy E. Beisner
Release Date
May 05, 2017

Loan and Grant Funding Available for Home Repair Projects

Acting Delaware and Maryland Director for Rural Development Kathy Beisner today announced that homeowners in rural areas who need repairs to their home but can’t afford regular loans may be eligible for a USDA Rural Development loan at only one percent interest.    Seniors, age 62 and older, may qualify for free home repairs up to $7,500 through the USDA Rural Development grant program.

“We are looking for lower income homeowners that need help making a home handicap accessible or fixing or replacing a roof, installation or repair of a septic system, who may need replacement windows, or other repairs to correct or remove existing health, safety, and sanitary issues,” Beisner said.   Interested persons may apply at any time for this program but funding may become limited after August 31, 2017.

To be eligible to participate in the home repair program, applicants must own the home and be located in a small town or rural area. USDA must determine that the household is unable to repay a loan at affordable rates and terms.

For more information, contact the Rural Development Office below:
Delaware/Maryland State Office– (302) 857-3595 or (301) 797-0500 ext. 4

USDA Rural Development’s mission is to increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for rural residents.  The agency supports a wide variety of loan, guaranteed loan, and grant programs to rural residents in the areas of housing, community facilities, business development, infrastructure, and other essential needs.  Additional information on rural programs is available by visiting www.rd.usda.gov/de or www.rd.usda.gov/md