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New Rural Business Specialist Named for Norfolk Rural Development

Vicki Schurman
Release Date
Nov 25, 2013
Nebraska State Director Maxine Moul has announced Brant Richardson as Nebraska’s new Rural Business and Cooperative Specialist for USDA Rural Development in Norfolk Nebraska. His work at Nebraska USDA Rural Development began November 18, 2013. Richardson comes to Nebraska from the USDA Rural Development area office in Austin, MN as an area technician supporting four Rural Development program areas, two offices, and three specialists. While Richardson’s main focus was the Rural Business Cooperative Specialist programs, he retained technical responsibilities in Multi-Family Housing, Community Programs, and Guaranteed Single Family Housing. He has been with Rural Development for 2.5 years. Prior to Rural Development, Richardson honed his financial skills through the banking field. He spent close to 10 years in personal lending and district leadership roles in both Springfield, MO and Denver, CO. Richardson returned to college and finished his degree at the University of Kansas in May 2010. Richardson is from a town of 1,960 population in Milan, MO. He said, “When I was looking for jobs after college I was very interested and intrigued when I happened upon the posting for Rural Development. Growing up in a small town I know the importance and impact that we truly can have on Rural America. I love playing an active part in that process and knowing that behind all the paperwork we are at the forefront for helping grow the economy and create jobs for towns just like the one I grew up in.” Richardson and his wife Missi have two children, Hayden (3) and Conner (1).