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USDA Celebrates Earth Day, Announces Five Water Improvement Projects

Samantha Evenson
Release Date

In recognition of Earth Day, Jasper Schneider, USDA Rural Development state director, today announced $8 million in financing for five projects to improve water and wastewater services for rural North Dakotans.

“Building our water system infrastructure is essential to support population and industry growth,” Schneider said. “Water is Earth’s most precious resource and USDA is proud to partner with our North Dakota communities to provide safe and reliable water systems.”

USDA will finance $4.3 million in grants and $3.6 million in loans to improve water quality and help protect the environment and natural resources. The projects listed below will provide efficient and dependable services for more than 4,300 rural customers and minimize potential health and property risks.

•    City of Rolla: $1,701,000 grant and $1,090,000 loan to replace piping, actuated valves, electrical and mechanical equipment. The water treatment plant will also be upgraded to include a redundant pressure filter and retrofitted to include membrane filtration. 
•    City of Napoleon: $1,566,600 grant and a $999,000 loan to replace cast iron pipes, replace or re-line sanitary sewers and services, install a new under drain system and extend the storm sewer system. 
•    City of Oakes: $826,000 grant and $522,000 loan to replace one of the city’s water towers and rehabilitate the other.
•    City of Michigan: $225,000 grant and $276,000 loan to replace curb stops, replace water meters, rehabilitate sewer collector manholes, and replace the sewage master lift station.
•    North Central Rural Water Consortium II: $797,000 loan to expand rural water to the Berthold and Carpio area. 

To learn more about USDA’s water and environmental programs, please call (701) 530-2037 or visit http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/UWEP_HomePage.html.