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USDA Highlights Biden-Harris Administration’s First-Year Accomplishments in South Dakota

Tammi Schone
Release Date
Feb 08, 2022

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Acting State Director Hally Witte today highlighted Biden-Harris administrations’ first-year accomplishments in helping rural South Dakota.

“Despite the challenges with Covid-19, USDA Rural Development in South Dakota has continued to assist our rural communities by improving infrastructure, increasing access to housing and supporting small businesses,” Witte said. “USDA looks forward to building upon these success in 2022.”

USDA Rural Development invested more than $209 million in South Dakota during Fiscal Year 2021, helping more than 1,500 families, communities and businesses.

The projects will help create better market opportunities for rural businesses, their suppliers and their customers; combat climate change and increase resiliency throughout rural America; and ensure that rural residents and businesses have equitable access to housing, health care, economic development, and other essential services.

  • The Single Family Housing Program helped 1,060 families achieve the American Dream of homeownership, with a total investment of $173.5 million.
  • The Multi Family Housing Program supported residents at 481 facilities across the state, investing $17 million in safe, affordable housing.
  • The Community Facility Program supported 16 projects to provide buildings, vehicles and other crucial support to rural communities for a total investment of $1.1 million.
  • The Water and Environmental Program invested $1.7 million in 3 projects to improve access to clean water and protect the environment in rural areas.
  • The Electric Infrastructure Loan Program invested $8.6 million in a project to connect 92 consumers and build and improve 84 miles of line and a headquarters facility. This loan included $194,341 in smart grid technologies. 
  • USDA Rural Development also provided assistance to 25 rural businesses, investing $7.7 million in energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, guaranteed loans and grants.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, Rural Development provides loans and grants to help expand economic opportunities, create jobs and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans in rural areas. This assistance supports infrastructure improvements; business development; housing; community facilities such as schools, public safety and health care; and high-speed internet access in rural, tribal and high-poverty areas. For more information, visit www.rd.usda.gov.

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