From the Earth to the Glass

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Brant Richardson
(402) 437-5568
100 year old barn relocated spanning Whiskey Run Creek.

Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard and Winery is located on a fifth generation farm located in Brownsville, Nebraska. Whiskey Run Creek was awarded a $213,350 Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) for working capital in FY 2016. The nine acre portion of the farm set aside for the vineyard currently includes 4,000 vines and 13 variety of grapes that are used to produce quality Nebraska wines.

The working capital funds are being used to help cover some of the supplies and overhead costs to 100 year old barn relocated spanning Whiskey Run Creek. process the grapes into various varieties of white, rose, and red wines. The funds will also assist in covering the cost to expand their sales market by working to distribute into Missouri. This will be accomplished by helping with the cost of one sales associates salary, delivery costs, and other distribution costs. Dr. Susie Pryor an Associate Professor of Marketing at Creighton University will assist with marketing, communications, and product development. Finally, the grant will help cover advertising and marketing costs, which includes advertisements in newspapers/magazines/tourist brochures and guides, television and radio advertisements, displays, and the inclusion of the various wine trail passport programs. Whiskey Run Creek has successfully processed and marketed 27 different wines over the years, and with the help of the VAPG program and their market expansion project they expect to increase their customer base by 30 percent and revenues by $220,000 over the three year grant period. They currently have three employees and if they continue to see success from the grant they anticipate hiring two additional employees.

Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$213,350 Grant
Date of ObligationSeptember 2016
Congressional DistrictSmith 03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse