Enhanced Police Cruisers Enrich Panhandle Community

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Sara Pierce
(308) 221-3689
New Toughbook installed in police cruiser.

The Gordon Police Department proudly serves their community of 1,612. While on  patrol, officers respond to criminal acts, traffic stops, and other public safety concerns.  However, their cruisers were not equipped with the department’s records management system. Without access to these records, the officers were forced to return to the office to research criminal history or incidents, write reports, and complete routine tasks. This inefficiency limited time spent on patrol, increased response time, and hindered their ability to complete tasks quickly. The cruisers were in need of technological updates in order to obtain records immediately and serve residents more efficiently.

USDA Rural Development and the City of Gordon teamed up to provide the necessary equipment. Rural Development awarded a $6,100 Community Facility Grant, and the City of Gordon contributed $5,160.

The funds were used to purchase six Toughbooks and the necessary installation equipment for the cruisers. This advancement allows the officers immediate access to records, which may benefit their decision making regarding an incident. Immediate access to records also allows the police officers the ability to complete routine tasks such as traffic reports without returning to the office.  By equipping the cruisers with the necessary data, officers are empowered to complete their tasks more effectively. Increased efficiency affords the department more time to interact with the public, promoting safety and security. 


Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$6,100 Grant
Date of ObligationOctober 2017
Congressional DistrictSmith-03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse