Kingbrook Rural Water System, Inc. Expands Services

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Tammi Schone
(605) 352-1102
KIngbrook Rural Water Group Photo

Kingbrook Rural Water System, Inc. in Arlington, South Dakota, (KBRW) is spread over a service area of nearly 3,000 square miles, larger than some states.  The distances involved create opportunity for failures of equipment or facilities due to natural or man-made causes. Any calamity can cause ripple effects on the Kingbrook system that would adversely affect water service for hours, days, or weeks.

KBRW operates an eleven-county water system which includes three water treatment plants, distribution pipeline, and pumping stations to distribute water to over 4,000 customers.  The operation requires significant capital investment as individual system components require replacement.
Kingbrook Rural Water System, Inc. is continually looking for ways to improve its system and service to its customer. 

Thanks in part to a USDA Rural Development Water and Environmental Program loan of $10.8 million and a grant of $1.387 million awarded in 2017, and leveraged with an applicant contribution of $575,000 for a total project cost of $12,768,000 Kingbrook will be able to expand to provide 230 new service locations and improve the reliability of the existing water system.

Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$10.8 Million WEP Loan/$1.387 WEP Grant
Date of ObligationDecember 2016
Congressional DistrictAt Large
Senator's Last NamesThune; Rounds