New Roof for Established Child Care Center

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Janice Stopak
(402) 437-5743
Construction of the new roof at Kids Connection, Inc.

Kids Connection is a non-profit daycare facility located in Fairbury, Nebraska, population 3,492.  The daycare has provided quality child care for more than 20 years. The facility tends to approximately 85 to 105 children per day, ages six weeks through 13 years old.  The existing roof on the daycare center was a saw tooth shaped structure made of reinforced concrete, covered in asphalt sheets.  A failing central water drainage system caused water to drain to the outer edges of the building causing damage along the roof edges.  This failure resulted in damage to portions of the interior ceilings, walls, and floors.  The presence of water on the interior walls led to the development of mold. The mold growth made for a health issue for the employees and children being served at the facility.

USDA Rural Development provided two grants totaling $67,500.  The $67,500 aided in the completion of the $193,100 project.  The primary funding source was a grant from the State of Nebraska. A contribution from Kids Connection also helped to fund the project.

The project was very involved, as the entire concrete roof and asphalt sheet design was abandoned. The new roof is composed of traditional wooden trusses with asphalt shingles.  Traditional gutters help to ensure that water is directed away from the building; not into it as before.  New siding and soffit were also added.  The use of a traditional roof design has helped mitigate the health concerns due to the mold growth.  The rafters and eaves of the building were allowed to dry out completely before installing the ceiling insulation.  Mold resistant paint/primer was also used on the interior drywall areas affected by water stains/mold.  Multiple renovations have occurred over the past few years, which include purchasing the facility, new windows and siding, new floor coverings, paint, and now a roof.  There was even money left over in the  budget to upgrade the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The facility is now safer, more efficient, comfortable, and ultimately more marketable.  Kids Connection was about to close its doors a few years ago, but is now thriving.  Enrollment at the Kids Connection daycare facility has nearly tripled within the last couple of years.   


Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$67,500 Grant
Date of ObligationMay 2016
Congressional DistrictSmith 03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse