New Vehicle Provides Improved Safety for K9 Team

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Michael Stepien
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Searcy the K9 sits in new police vehicle

After running a large percentage of drugs out of Owingsville, Searcy the K9 can rest comfortably in her new sport utility vehicle as she patrols the city. A USDA Rural Development Community Facilities grant recently assisted the City of Owingsville with the purchase of a new vehicle for Searcy and her handler, Officer Bud Lyons.

With years of law enforcement experience, Officer Lyons recognized how a canine could assist the City of Owingsville. Once Searcy started working for the department, drug arrests have seen a significant decrease, down to around one a month. After word began to circulate Searcy was part of the police force and helping hunt down drugs, dealers began to move out of the city, making Owingsville a safer place to live.

Prior to the SUV, the K9 team patrolled in a cruiser, making it difficult for Office Lyon to gain access to Searcy in an emergency situation. The new SUV is outfitted with modern equipment, including a fan to keep the dog cool, and a remote for Officer Lyons to open Searcy’s door if he needs immediate assistance.

As Officer Lyons patrols Owingsville in his new SUV, he and Searcy receive a number of greetings from people in the community. It is evident the city recognizes the dedication of this team to stopping the flow of drugs through their community. Officer Lyons continues to train Searcy to improve her ability to detect illegal narcotics, and they occasionally compete and win awards to showcase their hard work. As the USDA continues to invest in the safety of rural communities, the partnership with the City of Owingsville demonstrates how Rural Development is capable of improving lives be reducing opioid use and removing other illegal drugs from communities.

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