No More Bottled Water for Benkelman

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Natalie Furrow
(308) 221-3690
A look inside the well house.

The City of Benkelman had three wells that had insufficient water quality and they were under an Administrative Order by the State of Nebraska to take the appropriate steps to bring it back into compliance. 

Rural Development was able to assist the city with a $602,000 loan and a $1,727,000 grant to obtain two new wells five miles north of Benkelman, a well house, backup power, controls and a transmission main to bring the water to the treatment plant. 

The City of Benkelman now adequately maintains their water supply and quality and no longer has to provide the citizens with bottled water.  Today the community is able to focus on growth and development. 


Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$602,000 Loan $1,727,000 Grant
Date of ObligationMay 2014
Congressional DistrictSmith 03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse