Renewing Clatonia’s Water System

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Anthony Guenther
(402) 371-5350 x120
View of the water tower.

Clatonia is home to 231 people in Gage county.  The village was in need of an update to many parts of their current water system that dated back to 1935.  They had two wells, one was past its useful life as the water coming from the well had odor and taste issues.  The existing 35,000 gallon water storage tank required  replacement. Updates were also necessary to the distribution system that was made up of cast iron pipes.  Lastly, the water meters in town were outdated, and not reading water usage accurately. 

USDA Rural Development was able to intervene and help this community finance a project that could update the system to the community’s current needs.  The village was able to receive a USDA Rural Development loan in the amount of $1,090,000 and a grant in the amount of $463,824.16.  The money built a 75,000 gallon water storage tank and a new well to provide a good source of quality water.  The funding also replaced all of the village’s water meters and undersized mains. 

Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$1,155,000 Loan $463,824 Grant
Date of ObligationMarch 2013
Congressional DistrictSmith 03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse