Rural Library Improves Accessibility and Energy Efficiency

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Sara Pierce
(308) 221-3689
Ramp provides library accessibility for all patrons.

The Village office in Lewellen is adjacent to the village library.  Residents of Lewellen, population 224 enjoy the convenience of being able to pay a bill, check out a book, and conduct research on the public computer. However, the library needed updates to improve accessibility and energy efficiency. The wheelchair ramp, built out of wood was rotting and no longer safe to use. Without a wheelchair ramp, residents in wheelchairs were forced to enter through the village door.   Additionally, the library window and door were extremely drafty, causing unnecessary heating and cooling costs, as well as reducing the comfort of the library patrons. Also the public computer had crashed and was no longer available for patrons.

USDA Rural Development leveraged funds with the village to provide accessibility and increase energy efficiency. Rural Development awarded a Community Facility Grant of $6,000 and the Village of Lewellen contributed $2,000.

The funds were utilized to construct an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramp, replace the drafty door and window, and furnish a computer and printer.  All residents of Lewellen are now able to easily access the library and enjoy its amenities.



Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$6,000 Grant
Date of ObligationMarch 2017
Congressional DistrictSmith 03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse