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Brant Richardson
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Certified Organic Microgreens from Robinette Farms.

Robinette Farms, is a value added farming operation located in Martell, Nebraska and was awarded two Value Added Producer Grants (VAPG) for working capital.  In FY 2011 Robinette Farms was awarded $24,994 to help meet the community’s growing demand for locally grown and harvested vegetables.  Their aim was to increase local sales to retail and wholesale food businesses and at farmer markets by executing their retail marketing plan.

In FY 2016 Robinette Farms was awarded $24,834 to expand sales of microgreens, as well as, eggs and whole processed chickens from pasture raised poultry at their farm.  This project will also include a redesign of Robinette Farms web site, which will allow for a greater online and social media presence. They will follow that up by developing new marketing materials for both online and print advertising so they can bring their products to a broader audience.  They will implement a marketing campaign where their team will reach out through email, social media, by phone and in person to deliver their message and engage with current and potential consumers.  They will also start to implement a plan to  distribute the new products through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farmers markets, and through their wholesale partners.

The remainder of the grant funds will be used to help pay for the labor cost associated with the processing of their value added products.  The labor that they utilize is taking part in a farm apprentice program, which provides real life training for future small-scale farmers.  The apprentice program’s goal is once the individuals complete the program and leave they have the basic experience to start their own farming operation.  Robinette Farms provides both Farm and Livestock Apprenticeships.



Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$24,994 (2011) Grant; $24,834 (2016) Grant
Date of ObligationSeptember 2016
Congressional DistrictFortenberry 01
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse