Technology Updates Speed Up Village of Broadwater

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Natalie Furrow
(308) 221-3690

The Village of Broadwater was struggling to maintain adequate records and serve their community with a 15 year old computer and a printer that was too slow.  The clerk’s software was outdated but, the computer would not support the new updates and the clerk struggled to maintain and submit reports required by the state and other agencies that the village worked with. 

USDA Rural Development was able to secure grant funds in the amount of $1,200 to assist the village in purchasing a new computer, monitor, software, and printer to help them function at a higher level of efficiency to serve their residents better.

Once everything was purchased and installed; files, finances, budgets, policies and more could be recorded and stored in one location in a more efficient organized manner.  The use of the new computer and the programs  greatly improved communications with other municipalities, State and Government offices and businesses the village associated with.  Sending and receiving reports, documents, records, and notices were simplified and less time consuming than locating documents in paper files.  The clerk and board members appreciated receiving the wonderful opportunity that assisted them in providing the best services they could offer to the residents of Broadwater.


Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$1,200 Grant
Date of ObligationJuly 2016
Congressional DistrictSmith 03
Senator's Last NamesFischer and Sasse