USDA Supports Road Repairs in Northern Michigan

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Alec Lloyd
(517) 324-5204
Portions of the roads in Copemish are nothing more than successive layers of patching, completely obscuring the original pavement.

The Village of Copemish is located in Manistee County, close by the shore of Lake Michigan and southwest of Traverse City.

The freeze-thaw cycle of northern Michigan is hard on roads and those in Copemish have been deteriorating for years.  With little funding available, the local government has resorted to applying patching to fill potholes as they appear.  In many places, the original roadbed has disappeared beneath successive layers of patching material, providing an uneven and unstable surface.

USDA Rural Development was able to help by providing a $197,000 loan to finance a major street-paving project. 

This project will repair the worst of the problem areas, which includes the economically vital business district.  The project will also add machine curbing to prevent future water damage and install regular concrete curbing at the entryway from M-115 (the major local thoroughfare) as well as several other locations. 

The result of these improvements will be smoother, safer roads, which will benefit residents as well as travelers passing through.


Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$193,000
Date of ObligationMarch 2017
Congressional DistrictMI-01, Bergman
Senator's Last NamesStabenow, Peters