Wessington Springs Main Street Reconstruction Project Completed

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Tammi Schone
(605) 352-1102
Wessington Springs Group Photo

Wessington Springs’ main road took quite a beating during  the 2014 tornado as a high volume of emergencyrelated truck traffic took a heavy physical toll on the roadway, necessitating the need for major infrastructure repairs. Thanks in part to a $735,000 USDA Community Facility program direct loan and with assistance from some of our partners, the project was finalized, jumpstarting both commercial and residential activity in the community.

Rural Development funding was leveraged with funds from a few partners: a South Dakota Community Development Block Grant, Department of Natural Resources loan, and South Department of Transportation loan all contributed toward financing the $1.65 million needed for this project.

In 2014, the community of Wessington Springs was hit by a devastating tornado, destroying businesses and damaging several homes in its wake. Once the storm had cleared, clean-up crews worked hard to secure the area.

Over the course of the ensuing weeks, it was evident that Main Street had also taken a beating and was in need of major repairs. The truck traffic which carried debris and personnel back and forth used Main Street numerous times per day. In addition, over 950 Wessington Springs’ residents used these roads to access local businesses and other important day-to-day activities and access had become more and more of a challenge, resulting in the need for upgrades.

Now that the infrastructure project is complete, Main Street in Wessington Springs is once again the hub of commercial and civic activity, accommodating the large crowds of local residents and visitors common during Pheasant hunting season. Main Street once again services Wessington Springs Central Business District and provides access to Interstate 90 and the three regional economic generators; the Prairie Winds farm, the rehabilitation of the Mitchell-Rapid City (MRC) Rail Line, and the Liberty Grain Terminal just west of town. The Central Business District is bustling with 30 business establishments.

Fast Facts

Obligation Amount$735,000 Community Facility Direct Loan
Date of ObligationNovember 2015
Congressional DistrictAt Large
Senator's Last NamesThune; Rounds