Publications for Cooperatives

We provide many publications, reports and educational materials. These are primarily authored by USDA staff, but include publications by University partners and other cooperative specialists. Select the desired Category from the list above.

Our publications are grouped into 3 series, Cooperative Information Reports (CIR-series), Research Reports (RR-series), and Service Reports (SR-series):

Cooperative Information Reports (CIR-series): These reports and pamphlets provide descriptive information about the cooperative form of business and various cooperative topics. These are helpful for education about the structure and operations of cooperatives and for groups forming cooperatives.

Research Reports (RR-series): Research reports are the result of Cooperative Programs' study of various cooperative issues and also research conducted in collaboration with entities outside USDA.

Service Reports (SR-series): This publication series includes USDA's annual compilation of farm cooperative statistics, co-op directories are found in our Service Reports.

Rural Cooperatives Magazines: Rural Development's bi-monthly magazine contains articles and news items relevant to agricultural and non-agricultural cooperatives. The November/December issues contain an index referencing the articles that appeared in that year's issues.

Tag Index: To find reports regarding a specific subject matter, select the most appropriate tag from the list above