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Alaska Contact Information

USDA-Rural Development provides federal assistance resources throughout rural Alaska and has invested more than $1.5 billion dollars in 225 rural communities in the last six years.

USDA-Rural Development State Office
800 West Evergreen Avenue, Suite 201
Palmer, AK 99645-6539
Main Phone: (907) 761-7705
Main Fax: (907) 761-7783

Jim Nordlund
USDA-RD Alaska State Director
(907) 761-7705

Colleen J. Dow
Assistant State Director
(907) 761-7704

Deborah Davis
Director, Multi-Family Housing Programs
(907) 761-7740

Renee Johnson
Director, Business Programs
(907) 761-7712

Greg Stuckey
Director, Single Family Housing and Community Facilities
(907) 761-7778

Tasha Deardorff
Director, Water & Environmental Programs and
Rural Alaska Village Grant Program Manager
(907) 271-2424, Ext. 118

Larry Yerich
Public Information Coordinator
(907) 271-2424, Ext. 125

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