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Rural Data Gateway


Welcome to the new Rural Data Gateway! For more than 80 years, USDA Rural Development (RD) has been financing infrastructure and housing throughout rural America.  That mission has expanded over the decades, and today the loans, grants, and loan guarantees from Rural Development support everything from school buses to libraries and universities; ambulances to regional hospital centers; energy-efficient homes to electric and water utilities; broadband service to bio-fuels industries; local grocery stores to food processors, wholesalers, and much more.  

The Rural Data Gateway strengthens USDA Rural Development partnerships with rural people, entrepreneurs, government officials and Congress by making RD’s data more available and easier to access. It features Rural Investments Dashboards that significantly expand access to RD financial data through an easy-to-use interface that allows data from more than 65 RD programs to be viewed and downloaded. The Gateway and dashboards will help USDA get more resources to the people who need them in rural places.

photo of a small town

Rural Investments Dashboards

Explore the ways in which USDA Rural Development supports vital rural communities across the Nation through investments in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and much more.  The Rural Investments Dashboards are easy-to-use tools that that spotlight investments made since 2012 in more than 65 programs. Visit the Rural Investments webpage to begin to explore how and where RD investments are impacting rural America.

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Rural Partners Network Investment Dashboard

The Rural Partners Network (RPN) is working on the ground with selected communities to help navigate and access programs from across the federal government and other providers, secure technical assistance, and develop local capacity.  The RPN Dashboard identifies RD investments and projects, as well as partnerships across the federal government.  Visit www.rural.gov to learn more about how RPN is impacting rural America.



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USDA RD Salute Rural Success

ReConnecting Rural Residents to Reliable High-Speed Internet

Thanks to Rural Development’s ReConnect program, rural customers near Timber Lake now will have reliable internet service directly to their homes. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority recently received nearly $17 million to reach more than 180 rural households with high-speed fiber internet.

New Clinic Provides Increased Access to Health Care in Rural Montana

 In the case of Shelby, Montana, rural residents here and beyond will benefit with increased access to quality, affordable health care at a new, state-of-the-art clinic.

Geothermal Technology Helps Couple Make Year-Round Cut Flower Farm a Reality

Taking their chance on a lifelong dream, former urban dwellers Rebecca and Mark Ginsberg traded their conventional city lifestyle for rural living, establishing a cut flower farm. For the New Jersey couple it felt like a moonshot, but they believed they could do it.

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