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Rural Data Gateway


Welcome to the new Rural Data Gateway! For more than 80 years, USDA Rural Development (RD) has been financing infrastructure and housing throughout rural America.  That mission has expanded over the decades, and today the loans, grants, and loan guarantees from Rural Development support everything from school buses to libraries and universities; ambulances to regional hospital centers; energy-efficient homes to electric and water utilities; broadband service to bio-fuels industries; local grocery stores to food processors, wholesalers, and much more.  

The Rural Data Gateway strengthens USDA Rural Development partnerships with rural people, entrepreneurs, government officials and Congress by making RD’s data more available and easier to access. It features Rural Investments Dashboards that significantly expand access to RD financial data through an easy-to-use interface that allows data from more than 65 RD programs to be viewed and downloaded. The Gateway and dashboards will help USDA get more resources to the people who need them in rural places.

photo of a small town

Current RD Investments 

RD’s current investments for Fiscal Year 2023 are shown below.  These investments are updated monthly.  Current year investments are expected to increase through the Fiscal Year, which ends on September 30. RD’s total investments over the past five years have averaged more than $32 billion annually. Explore other fiscal years by using the filter.  To learn more about RD investments, go to the Rural Investments webpage.



Rural Investments Dashboards

The Rural Investments Dashboards feature more than 20 data visualizations to spotlight investments made since 2012 in more than 65 programs. The dashboards are easy-to-use tools that highlight critical Rural Development investments for people in rural America, including projects that have helped people in socially vulnerable communities access the resources they need to thrive. The data also will help users analyze trends across different states, counties, and congressional districts. Go to the Rural Investments webpage to begin to explore how and where RD investments are impacting rural America.

Access RD Dashboard Data

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USDA RD Salute Rural Success

Home Telephone Company Rings up ReConnect Success in McClellanville, South Carolina

Lindsay is a working mother in McClellanville, South Carolina, and like many people living in rural communities, lacking access to reliable, high-speed internet used to be a challenge that affected her entire family. 

'Going the Extra Mile' to Provide Post-Pandemic Health Services

While the number and severity of new cases may be down, the coronavirus continues to have a devastating impact on some of the most vulnerable members of the population. The youth served through the Harvest Outreach Center (HOC) in Rustburg, Va., are the faces of a national pandemic-related mental health crisis but have limited resources for treatment.

Increasing Abundance with Native Communities Cooperative Development Training

Cooperatives are designed to meet the common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations of a group. Making sure the group’s values and cultural dynamics are honored is fundamental to successful cooperative development; this makes the co-op model attractive to many groups, including the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF).

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