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Business Center

The USDA Rural Development Business Center is a centralized business hub focused on customer service and business administration. The primary responsibilities of the Business Center include supporting Rural Development’s mission-critical operations, streamlining key business functions and reducing costs through team-based and cross-functional approaches. As a centralized business hub, the Business Center is comprised of seven core offices:

Operations Office

Chief Operating Officer, Roger Glendenning

Roger Glendenning is serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Rural Development, responsible for all administrative support functions for over 4,650 employees in nearly 500 offices across the country. In the COO position, Mr. Glendenning provides enterprise-wide leadership overseeing activities including space management, budget and finance, procurement, loan servicing, and information technology.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Maureen Klovers

Sharon Randolph, Chief of Staff 


Office of the Chief Operations Officer

Address: USDA Rural Development
Chief Operations Office
United States Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave SW, RM 6900
Mail Stop 0742
Washington, DC 20250-0742

Enterprise Office

Christine Knecht, Acting Chief Enterprise Officer 
Angela Prioleau, Deputy Chief Enterprise Officer     
Troy Fedison, Administrative Services Division Director
Sharon Gispon, Acting Enterprise Operations Division Director
Angela Prioleau, Acting Records and Information Management Division Director
Ronald Walton, Security, Safety and Emergency Management Division Director
Kay Daugherty, Acting Solutions Management and Initiatives Division Director

Finance Office

Tony Bainbridge, Chief Financial Officer
Kristen Landwehr, Acting Associate Chief Financial Officer, Office of Budget and Policy
Peggy Javery, Acting Associate Chief Financial Officer, Office of Compliance
Lindsey Syron, Associate Chief Financial Officer, Office of Accounting and Finance
Christine Knecht, Chief of Staff

Human Resources Office

Marlon Villalobos Taubenheim, Human Resources Director
Christine Murray, Deputy Human Resources Director
Jill Colburn, Deputy Human Resources Director
Carl Johns, Employee Services Division Director
Arana Petty-John, Assistant Human Resources/Human Capital Management Division Director
David Root, Assistant Human Resources/Employee and Labor Relations Division Director

Procurement Management Office

Lori Lloyd, Procurement Office Director
Paul Schiele, Procurement Office Deputy Director                                                                                
Sean Krisko, Regional Acquisition Division Team Manager
Scott Beckstrand, Strategic Acquisitions Division Team Manager
Brian Johnson, Procurement Support Division Team Manager
Heather Mackenzie, Contracting Operations Division Team Manager

Servicing and Asset Management Office

Christine Mechtly, Servicing Office Director
Moraima Rivera, Associate Director for Customer Loan Service
Tony Priola, Associate Director Asset and Business Operations
Loretta Cox, Chief of Staff, Servicing Office 
Vacant, Management Support Branch
Thomas Herron, Default Management Division Director
James Jordan, Program Assistance Division Director
Karen Campbell, Pre-Default Division Director
Mark McKinley, Direct Loan Division Director
Tammy Leftridge, Acting Guaranteed Loan Division Director
Tonia Lohman, Business Operations Support Division Director
Christine Bridges, Customer Engagement Division Director
Kenneth Elli, Customer Assistance Division Director

Technology Office

Tim McCrosson, Assistant Chief Information Officer 
Therese McGhie, Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer
Elinor Gallelli, Acting Cybersecurity Division Director
Kate Kase, IT Strategy Division Director
Meneshea Levy, Acting IT Resource Management Division Director
James, Riis, Solutions Delivery Division Director
Brent Todd, Systems Engineering Delivery Division Director