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Below are handbooks information

HB-1-3550 Direct Single Family Housing Loans and Grants - Field Office Handbook


Overview of Section 502

Application Processing

Borrower Eligibility

Property Requirements

Underwriting The Loan

Escrow, Taxes, and Insurance

Loan Approval and Closing

Special Situations
Leveraged Loan

Nonprogram Loan

Section 504 Loans and Grants

Servicing Functions

Managing Custodial and REO Property

Disposing of REO Property

7 CFR part 3550

Forms and Certifications Referenced in this Handbook

Handbook Letters Referenced in this Handbook

Interest Rate

Rural Housing Demonstration Program

Section 306C WWD Grants to Individuals

State Supplements


Single Family Housing Direct Income Limits

Single Family Housing Field Guidance on Disaster Declarations

Single Family Housing Direct Programs Approval Authority Guidelines

Single Family Housing Direct Programs American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Guidelines

Self-Help Housing

HB-1-3555 SFH Guaranteed Loan Program Technical Handbook


Record Retention

Lender Approval
Lender Responsibilities
Origination and Underwriting Overview
Loan Purposes
Loan Terms and Conditions
Applicant Characteristics
Income Analysis
Credit Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Property and Appraisal Requirements
Special Property Types

Funding Priorities

Submitting the Application Package

Closing the Loan and Requesting the Guarantee

Regular Servicing-Performing Loans
Servicing Non-Performing Loans - Accounts with Repayment Problems

Loss Claim - Collecting on the Guarantee

7 CFR part 3555

Forms and Instructions

Review and Appeals
Agency and Employee Addresses
Income Limits
Interest Assistance

Caivrs Access Instructions


Unnumbered Letter and State Supplements

HB-1-3560 MFH Loan Origination Handbook

MFH Programs and the Origination Process
Property Requirements
NOFA and Initial Application Process
Processing Final Applications - Stage 2
Participating with Other Funding Sources
Security Requirements
Loan Closing and Project Lease-Up

Project Construction

Subsequent Loans and Loans for Final Payments
Special Property Types
Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants

7 CFR part 3560

7 CFR part 11
Forms Referenced in the Handbook
Handbook Letters

HB-1-3565 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program Origination and Servicing Handbook

Lender Eligibility and Approval
Lender Underwriting
Loan Guarantee Application Processing
Construction Requirements

Program Fees

Servicing Permanent Loans
Property Management
Insurance Requrements
Environmental Requirements
Secondary Market
7 CFR Part 3565
List of Forms

HB-2-3550 Direct Single Family Housing Loans and Grants - Servicing Office Handbook


Regular Servicing

Escrow, Taxes, and Insurance

Payment Subsidies and Income Determinations

Special Situations

Liquidation and Acquisition

Special Collection

HB-2-3560 MFH Asset Management Handbook

MFH Programs and Asset Management
Property Management
Financial Management
Project Physical Conditions
Project Occupancy
Rent, Shelter Costs, and Utility Allowances
Rental Subsidies
Agency Monitoring

7 CFR part 3560

7 CFR part 11
Forms Referenced in the Handbook
Handbook Letters Referenced in this Handbook
Civil Rights Laws Accessibility Requirements That Apply to the Multi-Family Housing (MFH) Program

HB-3-3560 MFH Project Servicing Handbook

MFH Programs and Loan Servicing
Automated Systems
Account Servicing
Ownership and Organization Changes
Determination of Project Suitability
Transfers of Project Ownership
Security Restructuring Requests
Unauthorized Assistance
Compliance Violations, Defaults, and Work-Out Agreements
Loan Restructuring
Account Liquidation
Other Special Cases
Management and Disposal of Real Estate Owned Property
Project Preservation

7 CFR part 3560

7 CFR part 11
Forms Referenced in the Handbook
Handbook Letters