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Administrative Notices

Following are Administrative notices. Click on a column to sort.

File Name Description Date Sort ascending
File Name:AN 4894 (2012-A) Description:

Management and Monitoring of Single Audit Non-Federal Entities - Phase 1

File Name:AN 4895 (2036-A) Description:

Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Supporting Documentation requirements for Temporary Duty Travel Reimbursement Claims

File Name:AN 4893 (1940-M) Description:

System for Award Management (SAM) Screening Requirements for Debarment and Suspension

File Name:AN 4892 (1940-M) Description:

System for Award Management Registration

File Name:AN 4888 (1940-L and RUS Staff Instructions 1780-2, 1780-5) Description:

Implementation of 2020 Census Data for Rural Development Programs

File Name:AN 4889 (1942-A, 5001 and 3570-B) Description:

Community Facilities Direct and Guaranteed Loan Borrowers, and Grant Recipients Annual Audit and Financial Reporting Requirements

File Name:AN 4887 (1942-A) Description:

Design/Build and Construction Management Proposals for Community Facilities Projects