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Rural Business-Cooperative Service Contacts

Office of the Administrator

USDA Rural Development
Rural Business-Cooperative Service
1400 Independence Ave. SW, Rm 5803-S STOP 3201
Washington, DC 20250-3201

Office of the Administrator

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan  Administrator  betsy.dirksenlondrigan@usda.gov
Leroy Garcia  Chief of Staff leroy.garcia@usda.gov
Olugbenga Ajilore Equity Senior Advisor olugbenga.ajilore@usda.gov
Gray Harris Food Systems Finance Senior Advisor gray.harris@usda.gov
John McAuliff Climate Policy Advisor john.mcauliff@usda.gov
Robert Lyons Special Advisor to the Administrator robert.lyons@usda.gov
JoBeth Delawder Special Assistant, IRA Implementation jobeth.delawder@usda.gov
Wyethea Choice Administrative Management Assistant wyethea.choice@usda.gov


Office of the Deputy Administrator

James Jordan Acting Deputy Administrator james.jordan3@usda.gov
Kelly Bogle Acting Associate Deputy Administrator kelly.bogle@usda.gov
Vacant Assistant Deputy Administrator  
Jeffrey M. Carpenter  Business Loan & Grant Specialist jeff.carpenter@usda.gov
Anthony Crooks Energy Specialist anthony.crooks@usda.gov
Jeanette Waters Special Projects Coordinator jeanette.waters@usda.gov
Ronee Watson Administrative Management Specialist ronee.watson@usda.gov


Program Operations Office

Deb Yocum Acting Branch Chief  renie.langan@usda.gov
Candace Beckles Business Loan & Grant Analyst candace.beckles@usda.gov
Maria Cartagena Business Loan & Grant Analyst  maria.cartagena@usda.gov
Rachel Cerruti Business Loan & Grant Analyst  rachel.cerruti@usda.gov
Virginia Gilchrist Business Loan & Grant Analyst  virginia.gilchrist@usda.gov
Irene Langan Energy Specialist  renie.langan@usda.gov
Shekhar Mistry Business Loan & Grant Analyst  shekhar.mistry@usda.gov
Lisa Noty Business Loan & Grant Analyst  lisa.noty@usda.gov
Clearesa Hood Management Assistant clearesa.hood@usda.gov
Nathan Anderson   Climate Fellow – Fertilizer Grants nathan.anderson2@usda.gov
Caleb Breon Climate Fellow - Rural Energy Grants caleb.breon@usda.gov
Natreka Kelly  Climate Fellow – Rural Energy Grants natreka.kelly@usda.gov
Caroline Kos  Climate Fellow – Rural Energy Grants caroline.kos@usda.gov
Edmund O'Callaghan Climate Fellow - Alternative Fuels Grants edmund.ocallaghan@usda.gov
Robert Roberts Climate Fellow - Fertilizer Grants robert.roberts@usda.gov


Field Office Regional Coordinators

John Beeler Regional Coordinator Northeast john.beeler@usda.gov
Brenda Heinen  Regional Coordinator West brenda.heinen@usda.gov 
Tonya Mosley Regional Coordinator Midwest tonya.mosley@usda.gov
Debra Yocum  Regional Coordinator South debra.yocum@usda.gov


Program Processing Division

Brian Wiles Director of Guaranteed Lending brian.wiles@usda.gov
James Campbell Energy Specialist james.campbell3@usda.gov
Chris Cassidy Energy Specialist chris.cassidy@usda.gov
David Chesnick RBIP Program Manager david.chesnick@usda.gov
Tommie McFalls Business Program Technician tommie.mcfalls@usda.gov


Underwriting Branch

Brenda Griffin Branch Chief brenda.griffin@usda.gov
Nathan Brown Business Loan & Grant Analyst nathan.brown2@usda.gov
Robert Canepa Business Loan & Grant Analyst robert.canepa@usda.gov
Brandon Clarke Business Loan & Grant Analyst brandon.clarke@usda.gov
Katelyn Curry Business Loan & Grant Analyst katelyn.curry@usda.gov
Tyrone Davis Business Loan & Grant Analyst tyrone.davis2@usda.gov 
Maureen Hessel Business Loan & Grant Analyst maureen.hessel@usda.gov
Tammy Laizure Business Loan & Grant Analyst tammy.laizure@usda.gov
Sarah Luker Business Loan & Grant Analyst sarah.luker@usda.gov 
Michael Richard Business Loan & Grant Analyst michael.richards@usda.gov
Amber Roundtree Business Loan & Grant Analyst amber.rountree@usda.gov
Kevin Scully Business Loan & Grant Analyst kevin.scully@usda.gov
Shaun Stehr Business Loan & Grant Analyst shaun.stehr@usda.gov
Madison Woods Business Loan & Grant Analyst madison.woods2@usda.gov 


Servicing Branch

Justin Kirking Branch Chief justin.kirking@usda.gov
Anthony Ashby Business Loan & Grant Analyst anthony.ashby@usda.gov
Felicia Blue Business Loan & Grant Analyst felicia.baileyblue@usda.gov
April Dahlager Business Loan & Grant Analyst april.dahlager@usda.gov
Nichelle Daniels Business Loan & Grant Analyst nichelle.daniels@usda.gov
Lisa Epple Business Loan & Grant Analyst lisa.epple@usda.gov
Robin Moore Business Loan & Grant Analyst robin.moore@usda.gov
Andrea Patterson Business Loan & Grant Analyst andrea.patterson@usda.gov
Jared Seiler Business Loan & Grant Analyst jared.seiler@usda.gov  


Program Management Division

Sami Zarour Director sami.zarour@usda.gov


Direct Programs Branch

Amy Cavanaugh Branch Chief amy.cavanaugh@usda.gov
Johnathan Burns Business Loan & Grant Analyst johnathan.burns@usda.gov
Mike Daniels Business Loan & Grant Analyst mike.daniels@usda.gov
Marjorie Galanos Business Loan & Grant Analyst marjorie.galanos@usda.gov
Melinda Martin Business Loan & Grant Analyst melinda.c.martin@usda.gov
Natalie Melton  Management & Program Analyst natalie.melton@usda.gov
Gail Thuner Management & Program Analyst gail.thuner@usda.gov
Honie Turner Business Loan & Grant Analyst honie.turner@usda.gov
Greg York Business Loan & Grant Analyst greg.york@usda.gov
Colleen Colton Business Loan & Grant Analyst colleen.colton@usda.gov


Intermediate Programs Branch

Will Dodson Branch Chief will.dodson@usda.gov
Kevin Boone Business Loan & Grant Specialist kevin.boone@usda.gov
Lori Pittman  Business Loan & Grant Specialist lori.pittman1@usda.gov
Shamika N. Johnson Administrative Management Specialist shamika.johnson@usda.gov
Arti Kshirsagar Business Loan & Grant Specialist arti.kshirsagar@usda.gov
Cindy Mason Business Loan & Grant Specialist cindy.mason@usda.gov
Rachel Reister Business Loan & Grant Specialist rachel.reister@usda.gov
Lisa Sharp Business Loan & Grant Specialist lisa.sharp@usda.gov


Business Development Division

Andrew Jermolowicz Director andrew.jermolowicz@usda.gov
Dwendolyn Monroe Administrative Assistant dwendolyn.monroe@usda.gov


Cooperative Service Branch

James Wadsworth Branch Chief james.wadsworth@usda.gov
Margaret Bau Business Loan & Grant Analyst margaret.bau@usda.gov
Charita Coleman Business Loan & Grant Technician  charita.coleman@usda.gov
Robi FauserFink Business Loan & Grant Analyst robi.fauserfink@usda.gov
Thomas Gray Rural Sociologist thomas.gray@usda.gov
Meegan Moriarty Business Loan & Grant Analyst meegan.moriarty@usda.gov
Deborah Rausch Business Loan & Grant Analyst deborah.rausch@usda.gov
Judith Rivera Loan & Grant Technician judith.rivera2@usda.gov


Public-Private Partnerships Branch

Derek Jones Branch Chief derek.jones@usda.gov
Adia Holland Business Loan & Grant Analyst adia.holland@usda.gov
Jeff Hudson Business Loan & Grant Analyst jeff.hudson@usda.gov
Christine Kimball Business Loan & Grant Analyst christine.kimball@usda.gov
Frederick Petok Business Loan & Grant Analyst frederick.petok@usda.gov
Landra Siegfried Business Loan & Grant Analyst landra.siegfried@usda.gov
Traci Smith Business Loan & Grant Analyst traci.smith@usda.gov
Markus Stevenson Business Loan & Grant Analyst markus.stevenson@usda.gov
Vernell Thompson Procurement Analyst vernell.thompson@usda.gov
Christopher Warren Business Loan & Grant Analyst christopher.warren@usda.gov