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Civil Rights Contacts

To File a Complaint

To file an EEO complaint, visit our online Equal Opportunity eFile Module or contact an EEO Counselor at (202) 692-0090.

Contact Civil Rights

Phone: (800) 787-8821; Local: (202) 692-0252 Fax: (844) 496-7792  TTY / Assistive Device Number: 711
Business Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm EST, M-F

USDA Rural Development
Civil Rights Office
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Room 1341-S; STOP 0703
Washington, DC 20250-0703
Toll Free: (800) 787-8821; Local: (202) 692-0252 | Fax: (844) 496-7792 
Email: RA.RD.MOSTL.CivilRights@usda.gov

Office of the Director

Name    Title    Phone    Email Address   
Sharese C. Paylor, Ed.D. Director 202-692-0097 sharese.paylor@usda.gov
Bertina Adams Administrative Management Specialist 202-692-0096 bertina.adams@usda.gov
Angie Vandell Program Analyst (Diversity) 202-306-3798 angie.vandell@usda.gov

Equal Employment Opportunity Branch

Name Title Phone Email Address
Karen Ward Esq Equal Employment Opportunity Branch Chief 480-493-6848  Karen.Ward@usda.gov
Kavin D. Johnson Equal Employment Specialist 202-692-0100 kavin.johnson@usda.gov
Julio Gordon Equal Employment Specialist 202-720-0960 julio.gordon@usda.gov
Kelli Rivera Equal Employment Specialist 831-227-2918 kelli.rivera@usda.gov
Twanisha Murphy Equal Employment Specialist 530-792-5503 twanisha.murphy@usda.gov
Darryll Woodson Equal Employment Specialist 331-321-2050 darryll.woodson@usda.gov

Program Complaint Processing and Resolution Branch

Name    Title    Phone    Email Address   
Terri Sneed Branch Chief, Program Complaints 202-642-0665 terri.sneed@usda.gov
Jerry V. Frink Equal Opportunity Assistant 202-692-0357 jerry.frink@usda.gov
Elaine Chalmers Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-692-5219 elaine.chalmers@usda.gov
Kelly Cunningham-Bowers    Equal Opportunity Specialist    720-544-2983    kelly.cunningham-bowers@usda.gov
Tonja Jackson Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-692-0102 tonja.jackson@usda.gov
Sherran Nutson Equal Opportunity Specialist 770-282-5501 sherran.nutson@usda.gov 
Pauline Waterman Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-692-0359 pauline.price2@usda.gov
Heather Rhine-Bouie Equal Opportunity Specialist 318-955-2387 heather.rhine-bouie@usda.gov
Carolyn Turner Equal Opportunity Specialist 254-742-9747 carolyn.turner@usda.gov
Patrick Alexander  Equal Opportunity Specialist 469-383-3727 TBD

Program Compliance and Training Branch

Name    Title    Phone    Email Address   
Darren Kaihlanen Branch Chief, Program Compliance 405-446-2619 darren.kaihlanen@usda.gov
Ralph Deleon  Equal Opportunity Specialist 706-530-3350  Ralph.Deleon@usda.gov
Robert Harris Equal Opportunity Specialist    202-720-0834    robert.harris@usda.gov
Elizabeth Messervey Equal Opportunity Specialist 618-998-6141 elizabeth.messervey@usda.gov
Craig Stroman Equal Opportunity Specialist 302-358-4244 craig.stroman@usda.gov
Ivelisse Valentin Equal Opportunity Specialist 202-690-4767 ivelisse.valentin@usda.gov
Michele Witt Equal Opportunity Specialist 859-224-7324 michele.witt@usda.gov
Brenda Woolard Equal Opportunity Specialist 919-873-2012 brenda.woolard@usda.gov
Railly McDaniel  Equal Opportunity Specialist 505-807-3576  Railly.McDaniel@usda.gov
Carmita Ragan-Thompson  Equal Opportunity Specialist 785-271-2750 Carmita.Ragan-Thompson@usda.gov
Sy Waldon  Equal Opportunity Specialist 805-984-2358 ext. 112 Sy.Waldon@usda.gov