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An acronym is an abbreviation consisting of the first letters of each word in the name of something. Below is a table listing acronyms found on the rd.usda.gov website and others commonly used. Use the following search tool to find a specific acronym and it's definition.

Acronym Term Name & Description
Acronym:AED Term Name & Description:Associate Enterprise Director Term Name & Description:

These directors are part of the Business Center

Acronym:ARPA Term Name & Description:American Rescue Plan Act Term Name & Description:

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021 provides additional funds for USDA Rural Development’s Single Family Housing Direct Loan program.

Acronym:B&I Term Name & Description:Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program Term Name & Description:

A core RD program guarantee loan program

Acronym:BA Term Name & Description:Budget Analyst
Acronym:BC Term Name & Description:Business Center Term Name & Description:

The USDA Rural Development Business Center is a centralized business hub focused on customer service and business administration. The primary responsibilities of the Business Center include supporting Rural Development’s mission-critical operations, streamlining key business functions and reducing costs through team-based and cross-functional approaches.

Acronym:CATS Term Name & Description:Congressional Announcement Tracking System
Acronym:CF Term Name & Description:Community Facilities Term Name & Description:

Community Facilities Programs offer direct loans, loan guarantees and grants to develop or improve essential public services and facilities in communities across rural America

Acronym:CFO Term Name & Description:Chief Financial Officer Term Name & Description:

The lead fiscal manager of the agency

Acronym:CO Term Name & Description:Contracting Officer
Acronym:COO Term Name & Description:Chief Operations Officer
Acronym:COS Term Name & Description:Chief of Staff
Acronym:CR Term Name & Description:Civil Rights Term Name & Description:

The Civil Rights staff is committed to ensuring that internal and external customers, as well as employees are treated with dignity and respect by RD at the National, State, and local levels nationwide.

Acronym:CRO Term Name & Description:Chief Risk Officer
Acronym:CRS Term Name & Description:Congressional Research Service Term Name & Description:

CRS provides the public with access to research products produced for the United States Congress

Acronym:CSC Term Name & Description:Customer Service Center
Acronym:CX Term Name & Description:Customer Experience
Acronym:CXO Term Name & Description:Customer Experience Officer
Acronym:DLT Term Name & Description:Distance Learning and Telemedicine Term Name & Description:

The DLT program helps rural communities use the unique capabilities of telecommunications to connect to each other and to the world, overcoming the effects of remoteness and low population density

Acronym:DR Term Name & Description:Departmental Regulation
Acronym:DUSEC Term Name & Description:Deputy Under Secretary
Acronym:ECM Term Name & Description:Enterprise Content Management
Acronym:ECWAG Term Name & Description:Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants
Acronym:EO Term Name & Description:Enterprise Office Term Name & Description:

The Rural Development (RD) Business Center Enterprise Office (EO) is a national level entity that provides executive leadership and management vision to direct, execute, and support administrative activities across all RD national office, state, and field locations.

Acronym:EPP Term Name & Description:Employee Personal Page
Acronym:FMMI Term Name & Description:Financial Management Modernization Initiative