Loan Servicing

Guaranteed Annual Fee Billing and Payment

Documentation & Resources

  1. Guaranteed Annual Fee Calculation Methodology (PDF)
  2. Guarantee Fee & Annual Fee Calculator(EXCEL)
  3. Guaranteed Annual Fee Lender User Agreement (PDF)
  4. Guaranteed Annual Fee Service Bureau User Agreement (PDF)
  5. Guaranteed Annual Fee Implementation Guide (PDF)
  6. Guaranteed Annual Fee Getting Started User Guide (PDF)
  7. Guaranteed Annual Fee User Guide (PDF)

Electronic Status Reporting (ESR)


Introduction to Electronic Status Reporting (ESR) (Webcast)  10 Minutes

ESR Web Reporting (Webcast)  11 Minutes

ESR Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting (Webcast)  11 Minutes

ESR Rejection and Correction Reporting (Webcast) 12 Minutes

Documentation & Resources

  1. ESR User Guide (PDF) - revised June, 2018
  2. ESR Implementation Guide for the July 1, 2018 Effective Date (PDF) - revised April, 2018
  3. ESR Implementation Guide Release Notes for the July 1, 2018 Effective Date (PDF) - revised May, 2018
  4. Trading Partner Agreement

Loss Claims and Mitigation

Loss Claim Administration and Servicing


CARES Act: Important Servicing Notice for Current USDA Guaranteed Loan Holders

CARES Act: Important Notice for Lenders Servicing USDA Guaranteed Loans

Documentation & Resources

  1. Guaranteed Servicing Contact Information (PDF)
  2. Trading Partner Agreement - Addendum E (PDF)
  3. Quick Reference Upload Loss Claim Documents (PDF)
  4. Loss Claim Administration User Guide (PDF)

Loss Mitigation

New Guidance 


Avoid Foreclosure (Webcast) 19 minutes

Documentation & Resources

  1. Loss Mitigation Servicer User Guide (PDF)
  2. RD Special Loan Servicing Final Rule (PDF)
  3. RD Special Loan Servicing Job Aid (PDF)
  4. Quick Reference Upload Loss Mitigation Documents(PDF)
  5. Loss Mitigation User Agreement(PDF)

Property Disposition

Documentation & Resources

  1.  Property Disposition and Document Upload Servicer User Guide (PDF)