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Informational Publications

If an Informational Publication (IP) is available online, clicking the link will bring up the text of the document. To obtain copies of bulletins that are not available online, please contact Adam Miller by email at adam.miller@wdc.usda.gov or by phone at (202) 720-8674.

Publication Number Title File Date
100-1  Title:Rural Electrification Act of 1936 - With Amendments as Approved through February 7, 2014 File Date:02-07-2014
200-3  Title:Index of Electric Issuance (3/27/2017) File Date:03-27-2017
201-1  Title:2010 Annual Statistical Report - Rural Electric Borrowers
201-1  Title:2011 Annual Statistical Report - Rural Electric Borrowers
300-3  Title:Index of Telecommunications Program Issuances (10/28/10) File Date:10-28-2010