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Modernizing Our Environmental Review Process


Rural Development (RD) is currently working to update environmental review processes for applicants. The current RD Regulation, 7 CFR 1970 remains in effect for all programs and projects. We are optimistic a new environmental website will be available within the next few months. Until then, for assistance in environmental reviews please contact your local USDA Rural Development State Environmental Coordinator (SEC) (this should be a link to the excel spreadsheet) for RHS, RBCS, and RUS Water projects. For the RUS Telecom Programs please contact your local General Field Representative, (GFR). For the RUS Electric Program, your National Office Environmental Staff are:

RUS Electric

Part 1902: Supervised Bank Accounts

Part 1925: Taxes

Part 1927: Title Clearance and Loan Closing

Part 1940: General

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Part 1942: Associations

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Part 2024: Property and Supply

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Part 2039: Change of Official Station

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5001 Guaranteed Loan

Guaranteed Loan