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Below you will see Instructions by group.

Part 1902: Supervised Bank Accounts

Part 1925: Taxes

Part 1927: Title Clearance and Loan Closing

Part 1940: General

1940-L Exhibits (PDF only)
1940-Q Restrictions on Lobbying; Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 1942: Associations

1942-A Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 1948: Rural Development

Part 1962: Personal Property

Part 1970: Environmental

Part 2003: Organization

2003 -A Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 2006: Management

2006-EE Exhibits (PDF only)
2006-FF Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 2024: Property and Supply

2024-A Exhibits D Table D-1 thru D-6 (PDF only)
2024-B Exhibits D Table D-1 thru D-6 (PDF only)
2024-C Exhibits (PDF only)
2024-H Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 2039: Change of Official Station

Part 2045: General

2045-O Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 2048: Position Classification

Part 2066: Leave

2066-A Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 2069: Safety and Injury Compensation

2069-B Exhibits (PDF only)

Part 3575: General

Part 4274: Direct and Insured Loanmaking

Part 4290: Rural Business Investment Program

Part 5001: Guaranteed Loans

5001 Guaranteed Loan

Guaranteed Loan