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Environmental Guidance

Guidance Documents

Alternatives Evaluation Study (Not currently available)

Site Selection Study (Not currently available)

Draft Macro-Corridor Study (September 2011):

Draft Environmental Information Resource Guide (September 2011)

RD 1970 Environmental Policies and Procedures

1970- A Environmental Policies PDF DOC
1970-B NEPA Categorical Exclusions PDF DOC
1970-C NEPA Environmental Assessments PDF DOC
1970-D NEPA Environmental Impact Statements PDF DOC
1970-E Guidance for Conducting Environmental Justice and Socioeconomic Analyses  PDF DOC
1970-F Floodplain Management PDF DOC
1970-G Wetland Protection PDF DOC
1970-H Historic and Cultural Resources PDF DOC
1970-I Intergovernmental Review PDF DOC
1970-J Environmental Risk Management PDF DOC
1970-L Land Use and Formally Classified Land PDF DOC
1970-N Biological Resources PDF DOC
1970-O Miscellaneous Resources PDF DOC

Environmental Policies & Procedures