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GUS Lender Test Environment (LTE)

Guaranteed Underwriting System - Lender Test Environment (GUS LTE)

We are excited to share that the USDA Section 502 Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (SFHGLP) has built a new Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS) to support:

  • the new Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA);
  • the Uniform Loan Application Dataset (ULAD); and
  • to modernize GUS.

To support our valued lending partners, we encourage you to participate in the ongoing effort of testing GUS.

Testing participation will allow approved lenders to:

  • access the new GUS Lender Test Environment (GUS LTE)
  • test your loan originations system new URLA FNMA DU 3.4 v 1.8.1 export file using GUS LTE import functionality

Get started now! Complete, execute, and return the required GUS LTE Addendum to the GUS User Agreement (see below for link to the Addendum). 

Once your executed addendum is received by USDA’s GUS Systems Integration team, we will

  • review and provide confirmation you have been approved to begin testing, and
  • set up your approved LTE SA (lender test environment security administrator) with the privileges to provide your testers access to GUS LTE, manage their GUS LTE roles, and start testing. 

Please review the below documents designed to answer most of your questions and outline content required to get started. If you need additional assistance please email SFHGSystemIntegration@usda.gov.

URLA GUS Open Lender Testing Overview

  1. Lender Testing in GUS LTE  (PDF)

  2. USDA Lender Testing Readiness Checklist (PDF)


Gaining Access to USDA GUS Lender Test Environment (GUS LTE)

  1. GUS LTE User Agreement v1.1 to GUS User Agreement (REQUIRED) (PDF)
  2. USDA Lender Test eAuthentication Account Creation Instructions (REQUIRED) (PDF)**
    **Note: production accounts cannot be used in the test environment.
    Each tester and SA must create a registered TEST eAuthentication account.
  3. USDA Lender Security Administrator Instructions (REQUIRED) (PDF)
  4. USDA GUS LTE Password and User ID Support (PDF);

USDA GUS LTE Testing Tools

  1. USDA Recommended Test Cases (PDF)
  2. Importing Your Lender OS File into GUS LTE - Business Rule and Validation Error Handling (Excel)