Guidance Documents

In order to increase the quality and transparency of agency guidance practices and to comply with Executive Order (EO) 13891 of October 9, 2019, “Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents,” and the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) implementing memorandum M-20-02 (PDF, 5.8 MB) of October 31, 2019, Rural Development is providing the information below on its guidance documents.  The term guidance document means an agency statement of general applicability and future effect, other than a regulatory action, that sets forth a policy on a statutory, regulatory or technical issue or an interpretation of a statutory or regulatory issue: 

  • Please note that these documents Guidance documents lack the force and effect of law, unless expressly authorized by statute or incorporated into a contract; and 
  • The agency may not cite, use, or rely on any guidance that is not posted on the website existing under the EO, except to establish historical facts.

If you wish to contact Rural Development regarding any significant guidance document, please do so by sending an email to or by mailing a letter to the following office:
Division Director
Innovation Center - Regulations Management Division

Rural Development
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20250