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Puerto Rico Contacts

The following map serves to distinguish the different Rural Development Area Offices with their respective coverage areas.  Below the map is the contact information for the State Office and Area Offices.

Map of RD Puerto Areas

State Office
Edif. 654 Plaza
654 Ave Munoz Rivera Ste 601
San Juan, PR 00918-4129
Voice: (787)766-5095TDD: (787)766-5332

Email Rural Development: SM.PUERTORICORD@USDA.GOV

Email Rural Partners Network: SM.PUERTORICORPN@USDA.GOV

Caguas Area Office
Gatsby Plaza, Suite 300
30 Calle Padial
Caguas, PR 00725
Voice: (787)743-1600 / (787)743-1612

Juana Díaz Sub-Area Office
Plaza Juana Díaz, Suite B-20
Juana Díaz, PR 00795
Voice: (787)837-2460 / (787)837-3220

Utuado Area Office
47 Ave. Fernando Luis Ribas
Utuado, PR 00641
Voice: (787)894-4657 / (787)894-2416

Morovis Sub-Area Office
Carr. 6622 K.m. 2.1
Sector La Línea
Morovis, PR 00687
Voice: (787)862-2095 / (787)862-3160

Mayagüez Area Office
Office Park IV Building
359 Ave Hostos Ste 202
Mayagüez, PR 00680
Voice: (787)838-7006, 838-7007, 838-7008

Camuy Sub-Area Office
80 Ave. Muñoz Rivera Este, Suite 2
Camuy, PR 00627
Voice: (787)898-2355 / (787)898-3772