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Following is the list of Resources available. You can see them by clicking on the left menu.


Directives include all the internal guidance documents that we use within Rural Development. They provide guidance to staff and are not intended for the public with the exception of Bulletins and Forms. They are provided on this web site for the use of staff and to allow us to be as transparent as possible about our practices.


The forms section contains eForms allows you to search for and complete forms requesting services, Rural Utilities Service forms that are not available on the eForms site, and forms in Spanish.


All Federal regulations can be found at Regulations.gov and customers can search, review and submit comments on Federal documents that are open for comment and published in the Federal Register. All of the regulations and notices that apply to Rural Development have been consolidated here.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies pertain to Water and Environmental projects assessments, impact statements and environmental guidance.

Publications for Cooperatives

Cooperative publications are primarily authored by USDA staff but include publications by University partners and other cooperative specialists. Publications are grouped into 3 series, Cooperative Information Reports (CIR-series), Research Reports (RR-series), and Service Reports (SR-series).