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For Engineers

Electric Programs Engineering

The Engineering Standards Branch (ESB) within the Office of Customer Service and Technical Assistance (OCSTA) is responsible for engineering aspects of the Electric Programs' standards, specifications, and other requirements with respect to design, construction, technical operation, maintenance of power plants, distribution and transmission systems and facilities, and asset management practices such as load management, energy efficiency, smart grid and system communications.

The staff in ESB develops engineering practices, policies, standards, and guidelines relating to electric borrowers systems; conducts analyses and provides guidance on matters relating to fuels for electric generating stations; and develops relevant policies and procedures for the Electric Programs. The staff develops criteria, procedures, and analysis for improvement of the operating performance of electric borrowers and for the forecasting of borrowers' power requirements.

For more information, contact the Engineering Standards Branch (ESB) here:  https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/UEP_OCSTA.pdf or (202)720-1900.

The Technical Standards Committee "A", also within OCSTA, publishes and maintains a list of accepted materials for use on RUS electric borrower systems:

For more information, contact the Chair of Technical Standards Committee "A":  Norris.Nicholson@usda.gov or call (202)720-1979.

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(Updated 5/1/2024)