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Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS)

Documentation and Resources

  1. GUS Lender User Guide
  2. Pop-Up Information (PDF)
  3. Gaining Access to GUS
  4. GUS User Agreement & Training Cert
  5. Lender Agent Access to GUS
  6. SFHGLP System Access and Security Guide   
  7. Lender Request for Branch Addition/Modification
  8. Single Close Rehab User Guide


1. How to Become a GUS Lender and Set Up Users

2. GUS Overview

3. GUS Updates

4. GUS Basic Navigation and User Roles

5. Loan Application

6. Eligibility Page

7. Borrower Information Page

8. Assets and Liabilities Page

9. Real Estate Page

10. Loan & Property Page

11. Declarations & Demographics Page

12. Loan Originator & Lender Loan Information Page

13. Additional Data Page

14. Credit Underwriting & View Findings Page

15. Application Documents & Requests Forms Page

16. New URLA GUS Conversion for Application Processing (Webcast) 8 minutes


Adding/Removing Security Administrators

SFHGLP System Access and Security Guide

Lender Request for Branch Addition/Modification

GUS Lender Test Environment