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Lender Training



Construccion Combinada de Prestamos Permanentes 

Prestamo Combinado de Construccion a Permanente

Recorded Live Trainings

Manufactured Housing – May 2024 | Slides with Notes

GUS Training – May 2024 | Slides with Notes

Income and Assets – January 2024  WebcastSlides with Notes

Single Close Construction – January 2024  Webcast | Slides with Notes  

Hot Topics: GUS Loans – December 2023 Webcast | Slides with Notes 

Appraisal and Property RequirementsJuly 2024  Slides with Notes 

Handbook Changes and Hot Tips - March 2023 Webcast | Slides with Notes

Expand your Market with USDA Products – June 2023 | Slides with Notes

Credit Overview – March 2024 - Webcast | Slides 

Program Overview 101 – March 2024 Webcast | Slides with Notes

Loan Program Basics

Applicant Eligibility

Property Eligibility

Loan Processing and Closing