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Office of the Chief Risk Officer

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Team

OCRO's ERM Team directs and facilitates the flow of information throughout Rural Development (RD) to provide leadership with early awareness of major risks and opportunities. The ERM Team analyzes and advises on potential and emerging issues that may impair RD’s ability to deliver its mission and works with risk owners to mitigate risk issues.

Audits Team

The OCRO's Audits Team liaises with the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and RD’s mission area for the purpose of administering and implementing recommendations to mitigate agency risks and to strengthen the integrity of RD programs.

Hotline Complaints, and Investigations Team

The OCRO's Hotline Complaints and Investigations Team liaises with the OIG and RD mission area on all whistleblower hotline complaints and investigations and assures allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse are properly investigated. RD's Hotline and Investigations team oversees the agency responses to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

Special Assets Unit

OCRO's Special Assets Unit (SAU) evaluates RD's Commercial and Community Loan Portfolio to identify emerging portfolio loan risks and provide collaborative support to RD loan programs in resolving distressed and troubled assets. The SAU is a specialized unit providing skilled resources necessary to navigate challenging credit situations such as large-scale bankruptcies, unique servicing circumstances, and liquidations. By providing valuable resources, data analysis, and proficient workout resolution, the Special Assets Unit ensures recovery is maximized while preserving vital resources for Rural America.

Non Regulated Lenders

The Non-Regulated Lenders (NRL) Team provides support the non-regulated lender approval process for the OneRD Guaranteed Loan program, supporting Community Facilities, Rural Business Service, and the Water and Environmental Programs. The SAU team reviews financials, credit evaluations and other important documentation from non-regulated lenders to assess their ability to serve as a non-regulated lender with RD. Through their efforts, customer service is enhanced by a consistent and streamlined review and approval process for non-regulated lenders.

Contact the RD Risk Office by email at RD.RiskOffice@usda.gov